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Every month, the Cardiff Hub celebrates one woman and one man who are doing amazing things in business in the city.

Last week, we announced our business man of the month, driving instructor Andrew Morse. Today, we are announcing our first business woman of the month, Siwan Reynolds.

Siwan is the head of Cardiff Meditation as well as the CEO of meditation website Calm Cloud. Her inspirational story has been featured in the press before, and here’s a Wales Online article about her that was published last year.

Cardiff Meditation brings meditation and mindfulness classes to schools and businesses in Cardiff. 

Calm Cloud is a meditation website filled with audio meditation recordings for teachers to play for their pupils. The meditations are available in Welsh and English and are available for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. It’s a part of a meditation and mindfulness movement that is beginning across schools in England and Wales.

I recently asked Siwan a couple of questions about running her business, and if she has any advice to young people looking to start something themselves. Here’s what she had to say.

How did you get into starting the business?

My passion with meditation began when I was 21. I was looking for an alternative way to decrease my number of seizures as I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 14. I didn’t want to have to increase my medication.

After 4 months of meditating everyday, I witnessed a decrease in my number and severity of seizures. It was incredible. I also became a happier, more confident individual. I had more physical energy, and my grades at university improved and my experience of life was better in general!

So after a few years I decided to start a business that would make meditation more accessible for people, focusing on schools and workplaces.

How long has the business been running for?

Cardiff Meditation has been running for 2 years. Calm Cloud is due to officially launch in March 2019!

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

Being able to give school children a simple practice that can help them with their level of happiness, their confidence, academic skills, mental health and more!

What has been the most difficult part of it?

Growing as an individual. When running Cardiff Meditation and Calm Cloud, the only way they can evolve is if I evolve as an individual. Therefore, I’ve had to make learning and personal development a priority in my life. Although it might be difficult at times, it is one of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur!

Any plans to expand in the future?

Calm Cloud will hopefully expand to more countries in the future and offer meditations in even more languages!

Any advice to young people in the area looking to start a business?

I would personally advise them to grow a business that is based on one of their passions. Ensure that their heart is fully in their business idea. And most of all, be ready to learn from podcasts, videos, books and be OK with failure and making mistakes!

What’s your favorite thing about Cardiff?

I love the people in Cardiff. We have so many kind, giving and unique individuals! I also love our parks and how close we are to the sea!

Thanks Siwan for taking the time to answer our questions in such detail, and we wish you and your ventures all the best in the future. Visit Siwan’s website, Cardiff Meditation.

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